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I work with individuals and teams who are in business or who are employed by others. Most clients have a personal development plan already, but if not we can prepare one as an outcome of the coaching and training work we do.

Personal development plans and personal development templates help form the basis for the interactive coaching sessions and will signpost the way ahead for on going personal and professional development.

The ability to withstand significant amounts of stress pressure and challenge and managing and delivering personal skills is becoming more and more important and we will help you discover how you can become more effective, focussed and more in control.

The choices people make are critical to the success of your business.

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We all have goals, it’s just a case of understanding what they are and what to do with them. We use simple processes and by understanding what is important to you, we will complete a values exercise.

From this straightforward question and answer format and by using this information to apply to what you want to achieve in your life, this will bring our top goals work into context for you.

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John Warrington, the owner and Managing Director of Personal Excellence in Life lists amongst his current clients Pharmaceuticals firm Clinigen Group plc who he has been working with for since 2010 and have just become the UKs fastest growing Private company in the latest Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100. John works with a number of the senior managers to achieve the firms succession planning requirements.

Personal Excellence in Life has developed as an idea over the last 10 years and now boasts products to deliver excellence in Business and Personal life. I use simple techniques to help identify potential growth areas and to give you the power to take action.

As an elected Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), a Business Practitioner of NLP and a Mindstore member, I believe every individual has a deep desire to do their very best.

Developing a stress free or less stressed life and developing your capacity to deal with stress, pressure and challenge! (Mental Toughness)

So youd like to know how to manage stress, pressure and challenge in your life? Much has been written and said about achieving a better work life balance in life.

To understand how you respond in different situations, when you are likely to be in control and when not. Understanding how you face up to challenges and how they affect you and how you respond when challenged. How committed and how confident you are. How do you interact in and with teams?

Like to find out about some or all of these topics and how they affect you and how you react in different situations? I am licenced to carry out psychometric exercises and offer follow up coaching to support clients to make the changes they want to.

Contact me today and Ill explain how you can find out more.

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